• Publication Date: June 23, 2020
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Information and Privacy Law in Canada


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In our relationships with every part of government, with companies that provide the goods and services we use, and with other members of society in our personal and working lives, accessing information and controlling who has access to it plays an important role, promoting a range of different rights and interests. Information and Privacy Law in Canada explores how we can access information held by public bodies, what governments and other organizations can do with information about us, and how we can use the courts or other mechanisms to hold others accountable when they violate our privacy or misuse our personal information. It examines privacy as a multi-faceted concept that includes control over information about ourselves, but also protection of our identities, our personal space, and even our bodies from unwanted scrutiny and interference.
Information and privacy law is a broad and varied field that includes principles and remedies in the common law and civil law, as well as many federal, provincial, and territorial statutes and regulations. Increasingly, Canadian law in this field is influenced by developments in other parts of the world. Information and Privacy Law in Canada aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to this important and dynamic area of the law, which can help readers gain a concrete understanding of its main elements and serve as a foundation for further investigation.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Information and Privacy Law

Chapter 2: Civil Claims for Violation of Privacy

Chapter 3: Access to Information in the Public Sector

Chapter 4: Personal Information in the Public Sector

Chapter 5: Personal Information in the Private Sector

Chapter 6: Anti-spam Legislation

Chapter 7: Health Information

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