• Publication Date: September 15, 2010
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Julius Stone: A Study in Influence


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The issues which occupied Julius Stone are still of profound importance and interest to judges and practitioners, solicitors and law teachers. The context changes, but the problems remain. … this collection is an appropriate recognition of his continuing influence — Murray Gleeson AC

Scholars from Australia and overseas explore the striking and continuing influence of Julius Stone to legal theory and international law. They introduce new work in the fields in which Stone was both a pioneer and a leader, celebrate his life and acknowledge his impact on generations of Australian lawyers.

Part One: Julius Stone’s Life and Influence

Julius Stone and the Legal Profession
Murray Gleeson

Julius Stone: A Reflection
Adrienne Stone

The Gift of Realism: Julius Stone and the International Law Academy in Australia
Fleur Johns

The Role of Universities: Views of a Scholar of the Last Century
Jonathan Stone

Julius Stone and the Eichmann Trial: A Duty to Learn?
Kristen Rundle

Part Two: Sociological Jurisprudence

Revisiting Social Dimensions of Law and Justice in a Post-human Era
Upendra Baxi

The Province of Jurisprudence (Really) Redetermined
Allan C Hutchinson

Incompatible Law Jobs
Michael Robertson

Two Concepts of Social Equality
Wojciech Sadurski

Gender, Race, Bias and Perspective: Or, How Otherness Colours your Judgment
Reg Graycar

Free Trade and Justice: A Discomfiting Liaison
Margaret Thornton

Social Justice and the Judiciary: A Comparative Point of View
Maurice Adams

The Rule of Law as the Key for Effective Governance: The Dilemma of Post-Communism
Klaus A Ziegert

Part Three: International Law

World Society before Globalisation: Some Insights from Julius Stone
David B Goldman

Transitional Justice after Mass Violence: Reconciling Retributive and Restorative Justice
Wendy Lambourne

Julius Stone and the Question of Palestine in International Law
Ben Saul


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