• Publication Date: October 25, 2007
  • ISBN: Print (Hardback): 9781552211458
  • 298 pages; 10⅞" x 9⅛"
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Lawyers in Alberta, 1907–2007


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As the Law Society of Alberta celebrates its centennial, it salutes the pioneers, philosophers, soldiers, educators, and raconteurs who helped shape the province through a common bond—love of the law. Alberta lawyers have lived it all in pursuit of their craft, from frontier privations, to the heady days of the oil boom.

PREAMBLE: Law in the North West without Lawyers
Law without Lawyers: The North West to 1870

CHAPTER 1: Lawyers as Trailblazers
Frontier Lawyers: Origins of the Alberta Law, 1882–1914
The Great Alberta Legal Rift: Lougheed v. Bennett
Family Tree of the Court of Appeal
The First Graduating Class Photo
The Honourable Carlton Clement
First Nations Lawyers
Rainmakers in Indian Country

CHAPTER 2: Lawyers as Leaders
A Very Political Profession
Lawyer, Politician, Businessman: The Honourable Peter E. Lougheed
And in this Corner, Laurence Decore
Ged Baldwin and the Right to Know
The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin
The Honourable Catherine Anne Fraser
Cannons versus Canons
The Honourable Anne McLellan

CHAPTER 3: Lawyers as Lawyers
The Master of Masters—One Lawyer’s Tribute to Michael Funduk
The Honourable John Wesley McClung
John Alexander Weir
Pro Bono Publico
“I Want to Die Broke”: From Moose Pasture to Museum
Peter Bruce Gunn
Journey to McMurray
No Failure to Communicate
The Gallery

CHAPTER 4: Lawyers as Citizens
Lawyers at War 1914–1949
The Honourable William R. Sinclair
Exporting Law and Liberty
The “Little Communist”
Human Rights Advocates at Home
Lawyers at Play
The Game Dinner

CHAPTER 5: Economic Law and Justice
When the West was Won: A Brief History of Alberta’s Natural Resources
A Depression Ditty
The Empire of Buffalo
Legacy: Early Alberta’s Law of the Economy
Rough Justice

CHAPTER 6: Social Law and Justice
The Evolution of Human Rights in the Shaping of Alberta’s Legal Culture
Disproving Disability
“Ladies in Law” in the 1960s
Lillian Ruby Clements
Lawyer’s Court Dress
The Mask Law

CHAPTER 7: Criminal Law and Justice
Filumena and Pic
The Trial of Vernon Booher
Patrick James “Paddy” Nolan for the Defence
Foundations of Criminal Law
The Learned Professor

CHAPTER 8: Legal Education
The Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
The Faculty of Law, University of Calgary
The Legal Education Society of Alberta
The Legal Resource Centre
The Law Society of Alberta
Legal Aid in Alberta
The Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch)
Grave Plenary Deliberations
The Justice Department of Canada in Alberta
Federal Attorneys-General (Ministers of Justice)
Presidents of the Edmonton Bar Association
Presidents of the Calgary Bar Association
The Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association
The Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association

FINAL WORD: Backing into the Future: Law Practice in 2107

“…[T]he portraits of the law society’s principals in this edifying collection are well-defined and vibrant. The personages come alive with their accompanying text…. In these pages, you will encounter advocates and orators, leaders and heroes, teachers and mentors and, yes, bullies, braggarts and buffoons.

It is unnecessary to read the book in order; you may find like the search for Biblical wisdom that it is just as well to start anywhere, At fortuitous confluences, you will meet the leading and, more enjoyably, some of the lesser lights of the Alberta legal breed. All had their story, and it is a kaleidoscopic array….

The great achievement of this book is that it illustrates graphically how the progress of the legal profession in Alberta shadows the province’s rich history—its economic, political, cultural, communal, and educational development. And it is also the window on its future.”

Christopher D. Evans, Q.C. (from the Foreword)
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