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Justice Lionel Murphy

Influential or merely prescient?


Product Description

This book is a collection of scholarly papers and commentaries which range over Justice Murphy’s forays into the Constitution, his approach to the common law, and his concept of and attitude to judicial method. In dealing with their chosen topics the authors and commentators present some fascinating perspectives on Lionel Murphy’s degree of influence in the decade after his death.

Lionel Murphy and the Concept of the Australian Nation

Leslie Zines

Commentary David Bennett

Lionel Murphy and Section 90 of the Australian Economic Constitution

Deborah Z Cass

Commentary Chris Caleo

Lionel Murphy and Democracy and Rights

George Williams

Commentary Michael Coper

Lionel Murphy and the Criminal Law

David Brown

Commentary Simon Bronitt; Terry Buddin

Lionel Murphy and Indigenous Australians

Jennifer Clarke

Lionel Murphy and Gender Issues

Jocelynne A Scutt

Commentary Rosemary Owens

Lionel Murphy and Judicial Method

Tony Blackshield

Commentary Jeffrey Goldsworthy

Lionel Murphy’s Legacy

Michael Kirby

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index

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