• Publication Date: July 3, 2009
  • EAN: 9781862877399
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Law of Contract


Product Description

“A contract may be defined as an agreement between two or more persons which is legally enforceable. Two or more minds will have come together and agreed upon the doing of prescribed acts by each of them. The contract can be wholly in writing or wholly oral. Or it can be a mixture of oral and written terms. A contract can even be made by gesture (as where a shopper buys goods in a shop without an exchange of words with the retailer).”

Understanding contract law is essential to conducting effective business and legal practice. Law of Contract provides a clear and comprehensive discussion of the principles governing contracts.

The authors outline the principles applicable to the formation, interpretation, rescission, termination and enforcement of contracts with extensive reference to relevant case law. The legal principles governing the capacity to enter contracts, privity, and the relationship between principal and agent in a contractual arrangement are analysed in some detail.

Legislation governing specific types of contracts such as contracts for the sale of goods and consumer contracts are also covered. Finally, the remedies available upon breach of contract are considered in the context of applicable case law.

Written by the best-selling Peter Gillies and Niloufer Selvadurai, the book explains complicated legal concepts in simple language.


Offer and Acceptance



Determining the Terms of the Contract

Interpreting the Terms of the Contract

Exclusion Clauses, Conditions and Warranties



Inequality Between Parties


Termination by Performance, Agreement and Frustration

Termination by Breach and Anticipatory Breach


Quasi-Contractual Remedies

Contractual Capacity

Privity and Assignment

Contracts Required to be Evidenced in Writing

Sale of Goods Transactions

Consumer Transactions

Principal and Agent


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