• Publication Date: June 20, 2005
  • ISBN: Print (Hardback): 9781552211076
  • 123 pages; 9" x 8⅝"

Learned Friends

A Tribute to Fifty Remarkable Ontario Advocates, 1950–2000


Product Description

Successfully appealing Evelyn Dick’s sensational murder conviction. Defending three men charged with espionage in the wake of Igor Gouzenko’s defection. Financing law school on the professional football fields. These are a few examples of the experiences described in Learned Friends, a book that looks at the lives and careers of fifty distinguished Ontario advocates who practised between 1950 and 2000. All were singularly devoted to their calling and shared the characteristics of integrity, diligence, and civility. All proved themselves to be leaders of the bar in their respective communities, and their legacies have shaped the practice of litigation in Ontario.

Until now, much of what we have known about these advocates, and others like them, has come to us through an oral tradition. Those who were fortunate enough to know these advocates have told stories of their successes, failures, habits, and idiosyncrasies to the next generation. But as time has passed, the need for a more durable record has become increasingly apparent.

This beautifully illustrated book has been published as part of The Advocates’ Society’s Fortieth Anniversary celebrations, as a permanent tribute to talented advocates who are no longer actively litigating or sitting as judges. It acknowledges the significant contributions of remarkable men and women who, in pleading cases in courtrooms across our province, set the standards of excellence to which the current generation of advocates aspires. In so doing, Learned Friends promotes and records the strong and vibrant tradition of advocacy that has long existed in Ontario.

Foreword – The Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of Ontario
A Message from the Presidents
A Message from the Editorial Board

Part 1: 1921–1932:
Cyril Frederick Harshaw Carson; Isadore Levinter; William Belmont Common; Joseph Sedgwick; Vera Lillian Parsons; Margaret Paton Hyndman; Ernest Cecil Facer; Roydon Ambrose Hughes; Mayer Lerner; John Josiah Robinette; Francis Andrew Brewin; Edson Livingston Haines; Bernard Cohn; Brendan O’Brien

Part 2: 1933–1949:
John Douglas Arnup; Dalton Gilbert Dean; Gordon Fripp Henderson; Henry Herbert Bull; Goldwin Arthur Martin; John Thomas Weir; John Mirsky; John Malcolm Robb; Willard Zebedee Estey; McLeod Archibald Craig; Allan Goodman; Charles Leonard Dubin; Walter Bernard Williston; Arthur Edward Martin Maloney; Sydney Lewis Robins; David Gondran Humphrey; Bert James MacKinnon; Charles Terrence Murphy; John Patrick Nelligan

Part 3: 1950–1964:
Fernand Laurent Gratton; Bernard William Hurley; Julia Verlyn LaMarsh; Phillip Barry Chaytor Pepper; John Douglas Bowlby; John Francis Howard; Alfred Anthony Petrone; Donald Finlay Sim; Pierre Genest; Elmer Walter Sopha; Douglas Kerr Laidlaw; William Bruce Affleck; Louis Henry Tepper; Ronald Joseph Rolls; Ian Gilmour Scott; John Sopinka; Paul Stephen Andrew Lamek


“We meet many remarkable advocates, such as Windsor criminal lawyer, Bernard Cohn who was so successful at finding errors in the Crown’s cases that it was said he read the Criminal Code cover to cover once a day. This book allows us a second look at some famous legal figures we may know too little about… Learned Friends is an attractive and well-written book that will appeal to anyone interested in legal history or simply interested in reading a good story about a colleague, mentor, law firm founder or judge. This book would make a worthy addition to law school, law firm or other legal libraries where it may provide inspiration to present and future advocates.”
Jeanette Bosschart, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian, Law Society of Upper Canada Great Library
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