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Nation Skilling

Migration, labour and the law


Product Description

Skilled migration is rapidly rising as countries vie for the ‘best and brightest’ migrants to fill labour market shortages or to add to their stock of ‘knowledge workers’. The ‘knowledge economy’, and the increasing value placed on human capital over physical capital, has led to what some describe as a ‘war over skills’.

Within this context, the way in which Australia seeks to attract skilled permanent and temporary migrants is put under the spotlight in this very timely publication. Are we open and flexible or defensive and protectionist? This book compares the policies of Australia with those of other nations.

What makes this book unique is the input of lawyers, for the first time in Australia, in the discussion of issues. Their challenge to existing selection policies, taxation systems and recognition mechanisms provides a major new contribution to these topics.


Nation Skilling: Immigration, Labour and the Law

Mary Crock and Ben Saul

Australian Immigration: Grasping the New Reality

Phillip Ruddock

A Comparative Look at Immigration andHuman Capital Assessment

Stephen Yale-Loehr and Christoph Hoashi-Erhardt

Contract or Compact: Skilled Migration and the Dictates of Politics and Ideology

Mary Crock

US Immigration Policy: Admission of Highly Skilled Workers

Susan Martin, B. Lindsay Lowell and Philip Martin


Migration and Demography: Global and Australian Trends and Issues for Policy Makers, Business and Employers

Graeme Hugo

Australian Labour Law, Migration and the Performance of Work

Ron McCallum

Taxation of Expatriate Employees in Australia

Richard Vann

Internationalisation of the Professions and Mobility of Labour

Robyn Iredale

Migration, Citizenship and the Right to Work: Recognition of Overseas Medical Qualifications in Australia

Margaret Allars


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