• Publication Date: August 9, 2007
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Police Leadership and Management


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This volume presents the new contexts and challenges for contemporary police leaders and managers in the changing landscapes of policing. The governance of contemporary police organisations requires leaders and managers, even at the local level, to work in and understand complex social, political and organisational environments.

The wide range of topics in this collection explores what is changing, what is known about the impact of these changes and what leaders and managers now need to be able to do or anticipate as a consequence. Operational policing is no longer the militaristic singular activity it once was, but embraces new models of ‘partnership’ and ‘community’ to manage crime and disorder.

Equally, while command and control models are still an essential of many aspects of policing, managing police officers and staff increasingly depends on their professional development and encouraging enthusiasm and innovation. Policing takes place under conditions of intense scrutiny from the media and from the community; and crime and disorder is the subject of much political debate.

Each of these broad areas are addressed and present a surprising range of perspectives. The volume is aimed at every level of management and leadership in policing, researchers of policing and students of police management and leadership.

Introduction: Police Leadership and Management

Requirements of police managers and leaders from sergeant to commissioner

John Casey and Margaret Mitchell

Part I – The Changing Contexts of Operational Police Work

Changing law, changing policing

David Dixon

Third party and partnership policing

Janet Ransley and Lorraine Mazerolle

Private police: partners or rivals?

Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre

Managing intelligence: innovation and implications for management

Patrick F Walsh

Evidence-based policy and practice in police management

Margaret Mitchell

Supervision and management of investigative interviewing: learning from the UK experience

Tracey Green and Gary Shaw

Investigative interviewing with witnesses: a research note from Western Australia

Ellen Grote and Margaret Mitchell

Part II – Developing the Profession of Policing

Professionalisation of policing in Australia: the implications for police managers

Ian J Lanyon

Leadership development in Australasian policing: the role of education

Stephen Pierce

Leading for integrity and effective accountability: a challenge from within

Colleen Lewis

Police oversight: help or hindrance?

Glenn Ross

Designing performance management systems for Australian policing

John Gillespie, Allan Sicard and Scott Gardner

It’s mine and you can’t have it: knowledge sharing in police organisations

Vincent Hughes and Paul Jackson

Stress and decision-making in police managers and leaders

David Mutton

Part III – Managing Relationships in Policing

The news media

Stephen Jiggins

Community-Police consultation: what is it and what is it intended to do?

Margaret Mitchell and John Casey

Policing in Indigenous communities

Chris Cunneen

International policing

John Casey

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