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Policing the Lucky Country


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Policing The Lucky Country addresses key challenges of contemporary Australian policing, and places them within the context of Australia’s particular culture and history.

The book’s approach is to combine policing case studies with an analysis of the wider social and political environment. Policing students are given information which enables them to think critically about contemporary policing practice and to understand the factors behind pervasive attitudes in the forces and the community. In this way, it aims to increase each officer’s range of responses, leading to appropriate policing practices and increased safety for the officer.

One of the key strengths of the book is the discussion of policing and indigenous persons, with articles on policing indigenous peoples and indigenous participation in policing. Specific police-indigenous clashes are examined and situated within the Aboriginal policies of the day. This historical perspective illuminates the discussion of current police force relationships with, and responsibilities towards, indigenous persons.

Other issues considered – the use of technology, the enforcement of drug laws, the maintenance of public order, the role of police in industrial disputes, the social construction of crime – are studied in similar fashion, and provide a useful source of information and discussion about areas of policing relevant to contemporary police work.

This book is designed for first year policing students, but will also be useful in criminology courses.

Part I – The Origins of Policing

Introduction: Australian policing in context

Mike Enders

The social construction of crime and policing

Mike Enders

Democratic control of police: How 19th-century political systems determine modern policing structures

Charles Edwards

Policing: Reflecting on the past, projecting into the future

Barbara Etter

Policing in the information age: Technological errors of the past in perspective

Benoît Dupont

Part II – Policing and Indigenous Peoples

Policing and indigenous peoples in Australia

Christine Jennett

Indigenous participation in policing

Jo Kamira

The native police at Callandoon: a blueprint for forced assimilation?

Mark Copland

Moreton Telegraph Station 1902: Native Police on Cape York Peninsula

Jonathon Richards

Part III – Policing and Deviance

Inventing juvenile delinquency and determining its cure (or how many discourses can you hide in one construct?)

Dr Leonora Ritter

A history of methadone treatment in Australia: The influence of social control arguments in its development

Dr Morag McArthur

Stupor in paradise: drunkenness, disorder and drug offences in the Northern Territory 1870 – 1926

Bill Wilson

The evolution of impaired driver law: Victoria

Snr Sgt Martin C Boorman

Part IV – Policing, Politics and Industrial Disputes

After Arthur: Policing in Van Diemen’s Land 1837 – 1846

Dr Stefan Petrow

Barricades and batons: A historical perspective of the policing of major industrial disorder

David Baker

Committees and commissions of inquiry into criminal justice agencies: A history repeating itself

Dr Desmond McDonnell

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Policing the Lucky Country traces some of the contributions made by police in the past and looks at the fundamental issues of policing in Australia at the start of the 21st century. It links Australian history and culture to contemporary policing practice.The book is split into four parts

The origins of policing

Policing and indigenous peoples

Policing and deviance

Policing, politics and industrial disputesThe book canvasses the origins of Australian policing and their contemporary impact; the particular behaviours and people that society decides to police; and how these change police relationships with and responsibilities towards indigenous people; the role of police in industrial disputes; and the future of Australian policing. – Victorian Police Association Journal Vol 67 No 1 (July 2001)

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