• Publication Date: April 28, 2014
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Post-Employment Restraint of Trade

The competing interests of an ex-employee, an ex-employer and the public good


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The law surrounding post-employment restraint of trade has increasing importance in workplace relations law and practice. The historical assumption that employers have a stronger commercial position and employees are vulnerable has been exploded in the 21st century by a highly educated and skilled workforce both geographically and occupationally mobile.

Concisely and with great clarity this book covers the history of common law tradition, questions arising before drafting a post-employment restraint; drafting a restraint of trade clause; non-solicitation of employees; other post-employment restrictions on an ex-employee; post-employment conduct and intellectual property rights; post-employment restrictive covenants in sale of business agreements; clients, ethics, writs and international perspectives; reform of post-employment competition.

The book identifies how the Australian judiciary charts its way through the twisting path to post-employment justice as well as surveying in brief that relevant practice in overseas jurisdictions.

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1. Six Hundred Years of the English Common Law Tradition
2. Drafting Restraint of Trade Clause: Some Questions
3. Drafting a Restraint of Trade Clause: Some Key Principles
4. Non-Solicitation of Employees
5. Other Post-Employment Restrictions on an Ex-Employee
6. Post-Employment Conduct and Intellectual Property Rights
7. Restraint of Trade Provisions in Sale of Business Agreements
8. Clients, Ethics, Writs and International Perspectives
9. Post-Employment Competition: History, Politics, Economics and Reform

Appendix: Australian and Overseas Decisions on Post-Employment Restraint of Trade Dispute
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