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Powers of Attorney in Australia and New Zealand


Product Description

From a review in the Australian Law Journal:"This book is a delightful surprise, for within its bare title the authors have covered the law concerning powers of attorney on both sides of the Tasman.

The text is written in a clear and lucid fashion. It is well laid out, and provides in convenient form the texts of the relevant legislation applying throughout Australia and in New Zealand. It provides an accurate summary of the law as applying at the end of 1992. The index is unusually comprehensive, and the coverage of this area of law is thoroughly professional. It should prove to be a most useful text for practitioners in areas of company law, probate, and family law who will appreciate the specimen forms and clauses offered. It is so wide in its potential utility that (given its sensible price) it should be on every solicitor’s bookshelf."


Authority of the Attorney

Capacity to Give a Power of Attorney

Capacity of Attorney to Act

Proof and Validity

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Relations between Donor and Donee

Protection of Attorneys

Protection of Third Parties

Joint Donors and Joint Donees

Termination of Powers of Attorney

Powers Given as Secutiry and Other Irrevocable Powers

Probate and Administration


Conflicts of Law

Stamp Duty



Specimen Forms and Clauses

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index

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