Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada

The New Legal Landscape


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Product Description

Racial profiling is a hot-button topic that elicits strong responses on both sides. A series of public discussions has so far failed to yield a conclusive consensus. Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada examines a combination of psychological, sociological, organizational, political, and community perspectives, resulting in a holistic, multi-faceted approach to understanding the phenomenon of racial profiling and to pre-empting or eradicating it.
The book’s primary theme is the notion of transformation. Part One examines racial profiling through an “equality as transformation” lens, which provides an instructive background for the development of public policy and public law. Part Two explores different manifestations of racial profiling, including new, emerging forms of racial profiling, as well as uncovering examples in everyday life that have been concealed and largely neglected. Part Three focuses on effective methods and strategies to prevent and respond to racial profiling, highlighting some transformative policy applications and equity initiatives.
This book should be required reading for policy-makers, academics, social justice and human rights advocates, and judicial and law enforcement officers.

Editors’ Introduction
Lorne Foster, Lesley Jacobs, Bobby Siu, & Shaheen Azmi

Part I: Deconstructing Racial Profiling

Chapter 1: Defining Racial Profiling
Bobby Siu

Chapter 2: The Human Rights Approach to Addressing Racial Profiling: The Activity of the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Shaheen Azmi

Chapter 3: Interrogating the Definition of Racial Profiling: A Critical Legal Analysis
Sunil Gurmukh

Chapter 4: Applying the Racial Profiling Correspondence Test
David M Tanovich

Part II: Forms and Sector Analysis

Chapter 5: Bias-Neutral Policing: A Police Perspective on the
Intersection of Racial Profiling with Modern-Day Policing and the Laws
That Govern
Gary V Melanson

Chapter 6: “Singled Out”: Being a Black Youth in the Suburbs
Carl E James

Chapter 7: The Re-framing of Racial Profiling: Police Violence Against Black Women
Andrea S Anderson

Chapter 8: Damaged Goods: A Critical Perspective on Consumer Racial Profiling in Ontario’s Retail Environment
Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner-Campbell

Chapter 9: Racial Profiling of Women in Canada: Beyond a “Gender-Free” Lens
Tammy Landau

Part III: Preventing and Responding to Racial Profiling

Chapter 10: The Importance of Collecting Race Data: Preventing Racial Profiling and Promoting Inclusive Citizenship
Lorne Foster & Lesley Jacobs

Chapter 11: A Double-Edged Sword: Carding, Public Safety, and the Impact of Racialized Police Practices
Scot Wortley

Chapter 12: Community Engagement in Policing: As a Dialogic Tool for Combating Racial Profiling
Lorne Foster & Lesley Jacobs

Chapter 13: Ending Racial Profiling
Bobby Siu

Appendix: Race Data and Traffic Stops in Ottawa, 2013–2015: A Report submitted to Ottawa Police Services Board and Ottawa Police Service

Table of Cases

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