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Special Lectures 2002

Real Property Law: Conquering the Complexities


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The Law Society of Upper Canada 2002 Special Lectures is the first Special Lectures programme devoted to real estate in over 30 years. The material will be relevant to both solictors and barristers involved with real estate transactions or real estate litigation.
The Lectures carefully examine the legal and practical issues that lawyers need to master to properly advise clients who are negotiating, performing, enforcing, and litigating contracts for the purchase and sale of land. These materials will likely become the real estate reference of choice for years to come.

Program Chairs: Paul M. Perell, WeirFoulds LLP; and Sidney H. Troister, Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP


PART I: Parties—The Complexities of Who Are and Who Should Be Parties to the Agreement for the Sale of Land
CHAPTER 1: Two Cheers for Certainty: The Rights and Liabilities of Undisclosed Parties – Benjamin Zarnett, Goodmans LLP
CHAPTER 2: Conventional and Unconventional Parties: How Documents are Engrossed and Executed – Brian Bucknall, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

CHAPTER 3: Assignments of Contracts, Novation and Privity – Craig R. Carter, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

PART II: Caveat Emptor—The Complexities of the Life and the Death of Buyer Beware
CHAPTER 4: Caveat Emptor: The Position at Common Law – John D. McCamus, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
CHAPTER 5: Drafting Purchase Agreements to Qualify or Extend Caveat Emptor – Bradley N. McLellan, WeirFoulds LLP

CHAPTER 6: The Death of Caveat Emptor: Mandatory Warranties and Disclosure in New Home Transactions – Harry Herskowitz, of DelZotto, Zorzi with assistance from Richard Wong

PART III: The Complexities of the Quality, Quantity, and Utility of Land
CHAPTER 7: Deconstructing Construction Liens – Duncan W. Glaholt, of Glaholt & Associates, and Markus Rotterdam
CHAPTER 8: A Municipal and Planning Law Primer – Mary L. Flynn-Guglietti, McMillan Binch
CHAPTER 9: Restrictive Covenants: The Basic Ingredients – Bruce H. Ziff, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
CHAPTER 10: Defining the Parcel: The Complexity Continues – Izaak de Rijcke, Barrister & Solicitor
CHAPTER 11: Priorities and Competing Claims to Land – Paul M. Perell, WeirFoulds LLP
CHAPTER 12: Title and Title Opinions – Delee A. Fromm, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

CHAPTER 13: The Real Estate Lawyer’s Duties: Defining the Duty with Reference to Elements of Proximity and Reliance – Andrew A. Sanfilippo, O Donnell, Robertson & Sanfilippo

PART IV: The Complexities of Fixing the Real Estate Transaction That Has Gone Awry
CHAPTER 14: So You’re Not Closing! – Reuben M. Rosenblatt, Q.C., Minden, Gross, Grafstein & Greenstein LLP
CHAPTER 15: Fraud in Real Estate Transactions: The Effects and the Remedies – Sidney H. Troister, Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP

CHAPTER 16: Saving the Deal with Title Insurance – Kathleen A. Waters, TitlePLUSAE, Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company

PART V: The Complexities of Good Faith
CHAPTER 17: Good Faith in Contract Law – Arnie Herschorn, Minden, Gross, Grafstein & Greenstein LLP

CHAPTER 18: Good Faith and Contracts: Principles, Doctrines, and Other Considerations – Maurizio Romanin, Barrister & Solicitor

Part VI: The Complexities of Remedies for Real Estate Transactions
CHAPTER 19: When Can a Purchaser Refuse to Close? Making Sense of Conflicting Trends in the Law of Fundamental Breach, Conditions, and Misrepresentation – Valerie A. Edwards, of Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP, and Janice Grevler
CHAPTER 20: Anticipatory Breaches and What to Do About Them – Silvana M. D’Alimonte, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
CHAPTER 21: Damages in Failed Real Estate Transactions – Roderic G. Ferguson, Q.C., of Ferguson Barristers, and Joyce M. Chun

CHAPTER 22: Blackacre Had No Readily Available Equivalent: Specific Performance and Equitable Damages After Semelhago v. Paramadevan – Jeffrey W. Lem, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

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