• Publication Date: March 27, 2006
  • ISBN: Print (Hardback): 9781552211113
  • 548 pages; 6¼" x 9¼"
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Special Lectures 2005

The Modern Law of Damages


Product Description

This volume is the first Special Lectures devoted exclusively to the Law of Damages since 1958 and promises to become an essential reference tool for civil litigators for many years to come. This significant publication has been developed by a distinguished faculty providing the latest knowledge concerning contemporary issues affecting the law of damages. The program chairs are Terrence J. O’Sullivan of Lax O’Sullivan Scott LLP & Linda R. Rothstein of Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP.

CHAPTER 1: Assessing Damages in Class Actions – The Honourable Mr. Justice Warren K. Winkler (Superior Court of Justice), Patricia D. S. Jackson (Torys LLP), C. Scott Ritchie, Q.C. (Siskind, Cromarty, Ivey & Dowler LLP)
CHAPTER 2: Damages in Competition Law – Sandra A. Forbes, Christopher D. Margison (Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP)
CHAPTER 3: Damages in Constitutional Cases – Janet E. Minor (Constitutional Law Branch, Ministry of the Attorney General)
CHAPTER 4: Unjust Enrichment – Alan J. Lenczner, Q.C. (Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP)
CHAPTER 5: Restitution as an Alternative to Damages in Contract and Tort – John D. McCamus (Osgoode Hall Law School)
CHAPTER 6: Is it Time to Revisit the Trilogy? – Roger G. Oatley (Oatley, Vigmond)
CHAPTER 7: Judging Cause and Effect: The Challenges in Assessing Damages in Sexual Abuse Cases – Elizabeth K. P. Grace (Lerners LLP)
CHAPTER 8: Psychiatric Damages – Geoffrey D.E. Adair, Q.C. (Adair Morse LLP)
CHAPTER 9: Contingencies, Loss of Interpersonal Relationship, The Material Contribution Test & Punitivite, Exemplary and Aggravated Damages – John A. McLeish (McLeish Orlando LLP)
CHAPTER 10: Commercial Law Damages: Market Efficiency or Regulation of Behaviour? – The Honourable Mr. Justice Robert J. Sharpe (Court of Appeal for Ontario)
CHAPTER 11: Damages for Public Market Liability – Thomas G. Heintzman, Q.C., Sarah Armstrong (McCarthy Tétrault LLP)
CHAPTER 12: Convergence of Contract and Tort: Damages in the Age of Concurrent Liability – Bryan Finlay, Q.C., Marie-Andrée Vermette, Brydie Bethell (WeirFoulds LLP)
CHAPTER 13: Establishing Economic Loss – John Lorn McDougall, Q.C. (Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP)
CHAPTER 14: Wild Justice on the Compensation/Punishment Frontier: An Attempt to Make Some Sense of Aggravated and Punitive Damages after Whiten – Kirk F. Stevens (Lerners LLP)
CHAPTER 15: Recent Developments Relating to the Awarding of Damages within an Employment Law Context: A Unifying Theory – Janice B. Payne, Ted J. Murphy (Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP)

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