• Publication Date: May 20, 2009
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Special Lectures 2008

Personal Injury Law


Product Description

These are the first Special Lectures devoted to personal injury law in 10 years. The book continues the tradition of excellence, bringing together commanding thinkers from the litigation bar, the judiciary and the medical profession. It provides in-depth analysis of pivotal developments of the last decade, examines leading cases and explores the dominant themes in personal injury law today. The book discusses catastrophic injuries and the AMA guidelines, demonstrative evidence at trial, mass torts, and other important topics.

Table of Contents

Desbiens and Everything After
Neil P. Wheeler

Catastrophic Injuries and Understanding the AMA Guides
Cameron C.R. Godden

Fifteen Years of Accident Benefits: The Tort Accident Benefit Interface—Collateral Benefits
Stephen E. Firestone

Accident Benefit Issues Hot off the Press
Philippa G. Samworth

Mild-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury: The Facts
Anthony Feinstein

Punitive and Aggravated Damages in Personal Injury Awards: Who Pays, How Much, and under What Circumstances
Alf Kwinter

The Challenges of Representing Children
Greg P. Kelly, Q.C.

The Role of the Children’s Lawyer in Judicial Approval of Minor Settlements
Clare E. Burns, Linda Waxman, and Stephanie Giannandrea

The Admissibility of Demonstrative Evidence in Jury Trials: Applying the Principled Approach to the Law of Evidence
Barbara L. Legate

Customized Demonstrative Evidence for Personal Injury Litigation: Medical Illustrations, Animations, and Interactive Media
Stephen R. Mader

“Use or Operation” of an Automobile: A Case by Case Approach
John A. McLeish and Meighan Ferris-Miles

Factual Causation in Tort after Resurfice: What’s Behind the Curtain
David Cheifetz

Jury Openings: Understanding the Rules
Joseph Y. Obagi

Proving Pain
Dr. David Berbrayer

Tales from Teno: The Trial and the Appeals
Martin Wunder

Accident Benefits: Lessons from the Past with the Hope for a Better Insurance Product in the Future
Jennifer Griffiths, Eric K. Grossman, and Christine McKenna

The Future of Personal Injury Litigation in Ontario: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?
Roger G. Oatley

Writing Strategically and Persuasively for the Personal Injury Plaintiff
Eugene Meehan

Recovery of Individual and Aggregate Damages in Class Actions
Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C., L.L.D., D.C.L., William V. Sasso, and Jacqueline A. Horvat

Mediation: Where Have All the Settlements Gone?
David B. Williams

Mediation Advocacy: A Mediator’s Perspective
Paul Torrie

Liability of Road Authorities in the Post-Macmillan Era
Jim Virtue

Minimum Maintenance Standards and the Municipal Act, 2001: Lessons Learned from Thornhill (Litigation Guardian of) v. Shadid
C. Kirk Boggs and Meredith E. Jones

The Undervaluation of Non-Pecuniary and Income-based Damage Awards in Sexual Abuse Cases: Do Gender and Aboriginal Factors Play a Role?
Susan M. Vella

The Future of Vicarious Liability
David R. Wingfield

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