Special Lectures 2012

Employment Law and the New Workplace in the Social Media Age


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The Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures 2012 was an interdisciplinary program involving contributors from legal, human resources, and technology backgrounds. The program, which examined employment law in the context of the wired social media age, was designed to provide practical advice and insights on how to advise clients on matters related to the new workplace.


Defining the New Workplace
Adrian Ott

Privacy Protection in the Digital Workplace
Patrick Flaherty and Sarah Whitmore

Old Rules for New Issues with New Media: Is There a Gap in Intellectual Property Law?
Barry Sookman

If You Tweet It, They (the Police) Will Come!
Jonathan Shime and Megan Schwartzentrube

Social Media in and out of the Workplace: Old Laws Learn New Tricks
Andrea York and Karinne Coombes

Social Network Recruiting: What Are the Implications of This New Hiring Model?
Mary Beth Currie

Social Network Recruiting: Implications of This New Hiring Model
Daniel Tobok

Cyber-Sabotage: Employee Malfeasance in the Social Media Age
Melany V Franklin

Professionalism Issues for Lawyers as Employees and Employers Using Social Media
Panel Discussion Moderated by Janice Rubin, with Panellists Ari Blicker, Stuart Rudner, and Lisa Stam

A Day in the Life of Today’s Employment Lawyer: Fact Scenarios and Commentaries
Edited/Moderated by Rhonda Jansen, with Author/Panellists Catherine Peters, Melanie Reist, and Rusty McLay

Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier
Nicole Black

Social Media and the Workplace: A View from the United States
Renee Mattei Myers

Developing a Social Media Policy: TD Bank Group’s Experience
Mark Crestohl

Reflections on the Development of a Social Media Policy: Loblaws
John O’Reilly

Fact Scenario: Offer Letter for Johan Smith
Lorna Cuthbert and Jennifer Fantini

Annotated Offer Letter of Employment — Social Media Issues
Jennifer Fantini and Lorna Cuthbert

The Cause of Action of Breach of Confidence
Anne Gallop

Employers and Defamation in the Age ofSocial Media: A Look at an Employer’s Potential Liability as a “Publisher”
Michael C Smith and Court Peterson

When Can Your Employer “Unlike” You?: Just Cause for Dismissal and Social Media
Denis Ellickson and Meg Atkinson

Cause for Termination in the Age of Social Media
Jonathan Maier

“Intrusion upon Seclusion” — The Tort Whose Time Has Come?
Bernice Karn

Injunctive Relief and the Departing Employee
Paul Le Vay, Owen M Rees, and Justin Safayeni

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Social Media Age: Harassment and Human Rights Cases in the New Workplace
Andrew Pinto and Robert Tarantino

Conducting Litigation in the Social Media Age
Andrew Bernstein and Rebecca Wise

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