• Publication Date: March 2, 2023
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552216972
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552216989
  • 116 pages; 7" x 10"

The 2023 Annotated Mental Health Provisions of the Criminal Code, Part XX.1


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Product Description

The 2023 Annotated Mental Disorder Provisions of the Criminal Code, Part XX.1 is an excerpt from the recently published Annotated Ontario Mental Health Statutes, 5th edition (Irwin Law, 2022). This text provides legal and mental health practitioners with an easy-to-use annotation of Part XX.1 of the Criminal Code. This portable book focuses exclusively upon the Mental Disorder provisions of the Criminal Code and will be produced annually with updates to the legislation and caselaw as and when they occur.

In addition, this book provides an overview of practical matters, tactical matters, relevant caselaw, and legislation dealing specifically with the matters of Fitness to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility. The Rules of Procedure of the Ontario Review Board are included, as are all of the relevant Forms dealing with Orders that may be made within Part XX.1 of the Criminal Code.

This conveniently formatted text places the updated caselaw annotations and commentary adjacent to the legislative provisions to which they relate, following the logical organization of the statutes.

Mental Disorder 2023 Criminal Code of Canada Annotations (Part XX.1)

Assessment Orders

Assessment Reports

Protected Statements

Fitness to Stand Trial

Verdict of Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder

Review Boards

Disposition Hearings

Dispositions by a Court or Review Board

Terms of Dispositions

High-Risk Accused

Dual Status Offenders


Review of Dispositions 

Power to Compel Appearance

Stay of Proceedings

Interprovincial Transfers

Enforcement of Orders and Regulations

Appendix A: Fitness to Stand Trial: An Introductory Overview

Appendix B: Review Board Rules of Procedure

Appendix C: Criminal Code Forms

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