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Book cover for Canadian Competition Law and Policy by John S. Tyhurst. As a book in the Essentials of Canadian Law series, the cover is a solid burgundy colour with a simple type treatment in capital serif letters in white.

Canadian Competition Law and Policy

Competition law is centred on the idea that competitive markets can efficiently and effectively deliver the goods, services, and economic growth that society desires. It seeks to promote the proper functioning of markets in order to deliver such benefits as low prices, consumer choice, and innovative products. This is done through provisions such as criminal offences for price fixing and …

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Book cover for National Security Law, second edition, by Craig Forcese and Leah West. As a book in the Essentials of Canadian Law series, the cover is a solid burgundy colour with a simple type treatment in capital serif letters in white.

National Security Law, 2/e

National Security Law, 2e, is about the law governing the Canadian state’s response to serious crises — that is, events that jeopardize its national security. The book approaches national security law as a system, organizing its discussion of law around five themes: structure (the mandate and roles of national security agencies); threats (aggression, terrorism, interference, proliferation, and emergencies); information (domestic and international …

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Book cover for Canadian Family Law, eighth edition, by Julian D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne. The cover is primarily a marigold colour showing abstract artwork, while the type treatment is in an elegant, contemporary dark grey font.

Canadian Family Law 8/e

Canadian Family Law, 8e provides expert insight into a wide variety of legal topics that confront families today, including: • the formation and annulment of marriage (ch 2); • cohabitation (ch 3); • domestic contracts (ch 4); • family violence (ch 5); • dispute resolution processes (ch 6); • divorce (ch 7); • spousal support (ch 8); • child support …

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Book cover for Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020 by Julien D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne. The text is a golden colour with a contemporary serif font on a dark purple background, with a piece of gold and red geometric art in the centre.

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2020 continues the tradition of presenting comprehensive, current caselaw and analysis in a very practical format. Relevant cases from every Canadian province and territory are cited in support of the principles set out in the textual commentary.

Book cover for Benched: Passion for Law Reform by Nancy Morrison. The cover shows a photo of Nancy in the centre, smiling and wearing large tortoiseshell glasses, a black coat and a beige scarf.


Fifty years in a law profession she loves, twenty-four spent as a judge, Nancy Morrison is a storyteller and trail-blazer. Entertaining, at times warm and witty, this memoir also reminds us of dark times, of the ever-relevant social and political issues of the day, and the need for law reform. Here is a life that was never dull, including the …

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Criminal Laws Northern Territory

For decades the Northern Territory’s criminal law has stood at the jurisprudential frontier of Australia: grappling with a unique set of circumstances, almost entirely dominated by the situation of its Aboriginal people. This 2nd edition deals in detail with the sweeping changes introduced in 2005 by Part IIAA of the NT Criminal Code. These changes often mirror the Criminal Code …

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Creighton & Stewart’s Labour Law

The latest edition of this leading text features a new and expanded team of authors, who explain and analyse Australia’s complex system of labour regulation. The book has been substantially restructured and updated to cover the many statutory amendments introduced or proposed over the past five years, especially to the Fair Work legislation, but also on matters such as work …

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Constitutional Recognition of First Peoples in Australia

Darryl McCarthy (a Mardigan man from South West Queensland)Women’s Business Reproduced with permission of the artist © Darryl McCarthy_______________________________________ This collection of essays explores the history and current status of proposals to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution of Australia. The book had its genesis in a colloquium co-hosted by the University of Southern Queensland and …

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The Constitution of Victoria

“[T]his work is comprehensive in its treatment of all aspects of Victorian constitutional law whether they be historical, jurisprudential or practical. Occasionally the author offers his own views upon the direction which the law has taken or should take, but in a manner which adds freshness to the text or adds interest for the reader. This is a legal text-book …

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Youth Justice

Youth Justice is an ongoing project of Macquarie Legal Centre. This edition was produced in partnership with Shopfront Youth Legal Centre. Macquarie Legal Centre’s Youth Justice: Your Guide to Cops and Court in New South Wales provides a practical guide for young people who come into contact with the police or the criminal justice system in NSW. Presented in a …

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Children, Parents and the Courts

The family can be viewed as a private world, one into which courts should be reluctant to intrude. In our society, recognition of the specialness of the parent/child relationship is well entrenched: “The best person to bring up a child is the natural parent.” Yet legal intervention in this relationship may be justified when children need protection. The resulting tension …

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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

This is the new and fully updated edition of the acclaimed and authoritative book on Australian constitutional law. Fresh material reflects the contemporary approach of the High Court including its emphasis on statutory interpretation as a tool of constitutional analysis. The book has also been fully revised and updated for major High Court and overseas decisions, including McCloy v New …

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Annotated Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988

The 11th edition of this well known reference book provides the full text of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA) current as at 1 April 2018 and annotations of Court and Tribunal decisions to 1 March 2018. The book contains an up-to-date discussion of recent litigation concerning the SRCA, including “injury” and “disease”, “reasonable administrative action taken in …

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Administrative Redress In and Out of the Courts

This collection of papers by some of Australia’s leading judges, scholars and practitioners focuses on complex public law issues. The book examines executive power, judicial and tribunal review and integrity bodies like Ombudsmen. The opening papers consider separation of powers issues. Justice Stephen Gageler asks if three arms of government remains a suitable model. Do we need a fourth? Greg …

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Accommodating Justice

Prominent criminologist David Garland has argued that VISs have led us into ‘unfamiliar territory where the ideological grounds are far from clear and the old assumptions an unreliable guide’. A victim impact statement (VIS) is a highly nuanced and individual narrative that can operate as both an informational device in the sentencing process and an expressive mechanism for crime victims. …

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Public and Environmental Health Law

Public and Environmental Health Law is a successor to Public Health Law and Regulation 2nd edition and offers a critical and up to date assessment of the legislation, cases and policies that impact on public health practice in Australia and New Zealand. As with earlier editions, this book outlines and discusses laws in a range of important areas including environmental …

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Ethics and Law for the Health Professions

Ethics and Law for the Health Professions is a cross-disciplinary medico-legal book whose previous editions have been widely used by students, teachers and practitioners in the health professions and in law. This new 4th edition has been extensively revised and updated to take account of developments in law, biomedical science, healthcare delivery and bioethics. Sections dealing with critical reasoning, problem …

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The Duty to Account

This book investigates the history of the modern doctrine of account, and by that history, seeks to identify some of the principles and premises which help explain the application of, and which underlie, the action today. The common law account, and its successor in equity, is over 800 years old. There does not appear to have been any work devoted …

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Discrimination Law and Practice

The fifth edition of Discrimination Law and Practice has been completely updated and provides a comprehensive analysis which simplifies the complex definitions of unlawful discrimination including direct and indirect discrimination, reasonable adjustments and harassment. The book then provides the reader with detailed commentary about the protected areas covered by the legislation including employment, education and the provision of goods and …

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Cooperation at Work

There are proven benefits to managers, employees and trade unions working together to achieve mutual gains. The tradition of adversarial workplace relations in Australia, so embedded in our culture, institutions and politics, is a powerful obstacle. But the potential for cooperative transformation is illustrated by the examples in this book. Drawing on research undertaken in partnership with the Fair Work …

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Old Law, New Law

Old Law, New Law follows the author’s Lawyers Then and Now in offering a miscellany of genuine legal stories drawn from Australian legal history as well as its modern law. If there is any change of focus, this work looks at the people of the law through the prism of established or changing legal doctrines and processes. The chapter headings …

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Legal Responses to Climate Change

The challenges of climate change pose problems requiring new and innovative legal responses by legal practitioners, government officials and corporate officers. This book addresses a broad range of topic areas where climate change has impact and systematically analyses the key legal responses to climate change, both at the international level and within Australia at federal, State and local levels. In …

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Law of International Business in Australasia

The revised and updated second edition of Law of International Business in Australasia has been written by Vivienne Bath and Gabriël Moens, with significant contributions from Luca Castellani. It deals with the core topics of international business transactions, including international sales contracts, international commercial terms, carriage of goods by sea, land and air, international investment and intellectual property, regulation of …

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