The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 13, Issue 1

Published February 2018

Harvey T Strosberg, QC

Questions about Leave Test for Secondary Market Claims Remain Unanswered after Court of Appeal Decision in Rahimi v Southgobi Resources Ltd
Byron Shaw

Case Review of Decertification Motions in Class Proceedings
Melanie Ouanounou

Absent Foreign Claimants in Canadian Class Actions: Where to After Airia Brands?
Paul-Erik Veel and Graham Henry

L’autorisation de l’action collective : raisons d’être, application et changements à venir
Veronica Aimar

Carriage Motions in Ontario: Inconsistent Application of an Indeterminate Test
Gerald Antman

Class Actions and the Problem with Probabilistic Causation
Sarah Bittman

Our Aging CPA: It’s Time for Ontario to “Opt-In” to a Modern Global Class-Actions Framework
Madeleine Brown

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