The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 14, Issue 2

Published January 2019

Harvey T Strosberg

Assessing Fees When Class Actions Follow Government Action
Misha Boutilier

Access to Justice versus Freedom of Contract: A Comparative Analysis of Canada and US Enforcement of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements and Class Action Waivers
Natasha Rambaran

And (Judicially Economical) Justice for All: The Case for Class Proceedings as the Preferable Procedure in Mass Claims for Charter Damages
Allan Cocunato

The Role of Certification in Charter Class Actions to Assert the Rights of Persons in Prison
Alana Robert

Certifiable: Can a Class Action Address Canada’s On-Reserve Drinking Water Crisis?
Tanya Maas

A Statutory Solution to Ontario’s Environmental Class Action Problem: Section 99(2) of the Environmental Protection Act
James Boyd

How Class Actions Have Shaped Litigation Financing Law in Canada
Rachel Meland

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