The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 16, Issue 1

Published September 2020

Harvey T Strosberg

L’accès à la justice pour les personnes vulnérables par la voie de l’action collective en droit québécois
Pierre-Claude Lafond

Entering a Legal Void: Independent Contractors and Class Actions Post-Heller
Nora Parker

Shared Goals, Divided Jurisdiction: The Uneasy Relationship between Class Actions and Administrative Law
Helene Love

The Death of Champerty: Is Third Party Litigation Funding the New Normal in Class Actions?
Jacqueline M Palef

When Hackers Strike: The Liability of Reckless Record Holders for Intrusion Upon Seclusion
Michael A Crystal and Jacob Medvedev

A Call for Clarity: Ontario’s Disjointed Privacy Class Actions and the Need for Privacy Law Reform
Theo Milosevic and Ellie Marshall

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