The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 16, Issue 2

Published February 2021

Harvey T Strosberg

Book Review: Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants
Michael A Crystal and Maria Khan

Flash Boys Class Actions: Civil Fraud, Conspiracy, and the Certifiability of High-Frequency Trading Cases in Canada
Lindsay Frame

An Overview of Class Actions and COVID-19 in Ontario’s Long-Term Care Facilities
Jordan Assaraf

The Unworkability of the Workable Methodology Standard
Kate Boyle and Nicholas Hooper

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Class Actions and Corporate Hegemony
Rebecca Meharchand

The Limits of Case Management: A Review and Principled Approach to the Court’s General Management Powers
Paul-Erik Veel, Adil Abdulla, and Angela Hou

Determining a Fair Price for Carriage?: Applying a “Fee-Driven” Factor and Reverse Auctions to Adjudicating Carriage Motions in Ontario
Timothy Law

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