The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 17, Issue 2

Published March 2022

Harvey T Strosberg

Fair Compensation or Unjustified Temptation to Compromise?: An Empirical Review of Requests for Honorarium Awards in Canadian Class Actions
Marie Ong

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: “Some Basis in Fact” and the Certification of Common Issues
Jacob Medvedev, Randy C Sutton, & Linda Fuerst

An Examination of the Viability of a Class Action for Adverse Events Following COVID-19 Immunizations
Logan MacLeod

Unchartered Grounds: COVID-19 and Class Actions
Spencer Nestico-Semianiw

A More Modest Proposal: Bilingual Submissions Made to the Quebec Minister of Justice in the Context of Possible Reforms to the Class Action Regime | Une Proposition plus modeste: soumissions bilingues au ministre de la Justice du Québec dans le cadre de réformes possibles au régime d’action collective
André Ryan & Shaun E Finn

Class Actions, Workplace Harassment, and Discrimination Disputes: A Case Study of Lewis V WestJet Airlines LTD
Jessica Park

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