The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 4, Issue 1

Published July 2007

The Merits Of The Merits in The Class Certification Analysis
Jessica A. Kimmel

Rethinking The Approval Of Class Counsel’s Fees in Ontario Class Actions
Benjamin Alarie

Class Proceedings, Gains-Based Claims, And Deterrence
John J. Chapman and Patti Shedden

Multiple Defendant Class Actions In Quebec: Recent Developments In The Jurisprudence
Marc-André Grou

Summoning Leviathan: A Critical Analysis Of Class Action Theory And The Ethics Of Group Litigation
Shaun Finn

Cross-Border Collaboration By Class Counsel In The U.S. And Ontario
Ethan Preston

Book Review: The Modern Cy-Près Doctrine: Applications And Implications By Rachael P. Mulheron (2006)
John C. Kleefeld

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