The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 5, Issue 1

Published December 2008

Fall From Grace? Is Quebec Still Canada’s Class Action Paradise?
Jean-François Lehoux and Shaun Finn

Consumer Class Actions and Arbitration Amendments: Emerging Issues
Malcolm Ruby

U.S. Protective Orders in Canadian Class Actions
Rebecca Case and Andrew Flavelle Martin

Have Pension Class Actions Altered Traditional Trust Cost Rules? A Recent Trend
Craig A.B. Ferris

Access to Justice: Using Third Party Financing to Fulfill the Promise of Class Action Litigation
John P. Rossos

Breathing in the Vital Air: Advocating as Ethics-Based Approach to Attorney Fees in the Class Action Context
Gerald Tremblay Q.C., Shaun Finn and Phelps Turner

Book Review: Cashman’s Class Action Law and Practice
Celeste Poltak

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