The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 6, Issue 1

Published April 2010

Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C.

An Old Snail in a New Bottle? Waiver of Tort as an Independent Cause of Action
Charles Murray

Waiving Goodbye: The Rise and Imminent Fall of Waiver of Tort in Class Proceedings
H. Michael Rosenberg

Strategies to Avoid or Mitigate Class Action Litigation
Ian F. Leach

Preliminary Merits Review for Class Actions in Ontario: Thanks, but No Thanks!
Ian C. Matthews

Speaking the Class Action, Thinking the Class Action: A Discussion of Changing Trends in Quebec’s Class Action Lexicon
Gérald Tremblay, Q.C., Shaun Finn, and Claire Ezzeddin

Directors and Officers Beyond Canadian Borders: Searching for the Right Venue for the Claim or the Defence
Thomas G. Heintzman, O.C., Q.C. and David Vaillancourt

Access to a Just Result: Revisiting Settlement Standards and Cy Près Distributions
Jasminka Kalajdzik

If You Win, You Lose: Strategic Considerations in Bet-the-Farm Securities Litigation
Orestes Pasparakis and Ilana Schrager

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