The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 6, Issue 2

Published December 2010

Harvey Strosberg, Q.C.

Revitalizing Environmental Class Actions: Quebecois Lessons for English Canada
Christie Kneteman

Cy Pres Awards in Canadian Class Actions: A critical interrogation of what is meant by “as near as possible”
E. Rebecca Potter and Natasha Razack

La dissuasion : 10 ans de jurisprudence canadienne en matière d’autorisation d’exercer un recours collectif
François Comeault

Fee Agreements and Fee Approval in Ontario Class Proceedings
Kirk M. Baert and Jonathan Bida

Class Arbitration in Canada: The Legal and Business Case
Jeffery S. Leon, Eric R. Hoaken, and Rebecca Huang

Certification Rates in Ontario versus the Rest of Canada: Why the Disparity?
Adrian C. Lang and Mel Hogg

The Space between Rule 20 and 21: The Evidentiary Burden on Certification
Celeste Poltak

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