The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 7, Issue 2

Published December 2011

Harvey T Strosberg, QC

After the Windfall: Representation of Class Members in Individual Issues Adjudication
Joshua Ginsberg

Pharmaceutical Class Actions and Effective Behaviour Modification: Avoiding Ford Pintos Through Punitive Damages
Dylan M Kozlick

Mass Actions: How Litigation Investment Makes Class Actions Unnecessary
Benjamin Grant

The Doctrine of Cy Près in Ontario Class Actions: Toward a Consistent, Principled, and Transparent Approach
Christina Sgro

Saving the Law’s Soul: A Normative Perspective on the Cy Près Doctrine
Luiz Arthur Bihari

Economic Analysis of Materiality for Canadian Securities Litigation
Bradley A Heys

À la frontière de l’inconnu : Une Analyse de recours collectifs multi-ressorts
Shaun Finn et Jonathan Ostrega

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