The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 8, Issue 2

Published May 2013

Harvey T Strosberg, QC

Strategy for Defendants Facing a Leave Motion to Commence a Class Action under the Securities Act
David Di Paolo and Margot Finley

Reconciling Limitation Period Principles with the Purposes and Complexity of Ontario Class Proceedings
Jonathan Bida and Garth Myers

A Real and Substantial Look at Jurisdiction in the Civil and Class Action Settings
Shaun Finn and Gadi Taj

Third Party Funding for Class Actions: Problems and Solutions
Anu Koshal

The Fiction of Representative Plaintiff Liability: An Examination of Fee Shifting and Liability for Costs within the Ontario Class Action Regime
Amanda Vanessa Lo Cicero

Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Canadian Approach to Medical Monitoring and Toxic Risk
Brandon D Stewart

Using Class Actions to Redress Historical Wrongs Committed by the Government
Emily Unrau

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