The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 9, Issue 2

Published February 2014

Foreign Classes Bringing Canadian Actions: Lessons from the Case against Anvil Mining Limited
Jacob RW Damstra

Paving the Way for Overtime Class Actions
Elba Bendo

Salmon, Jobs, and Community: Reconciling Mass Claims, Individuality, and Aboriginal Collectives after the Kwicksutaineuk/Ah-Kwa-Mish First Nation Case
Steve Carey

Cause Lawyers and Class Actions: Principles, Pitfalls, and Community Lawyering for Classes
Adrienne Lipsey

Accumulating Wisdom: An Updated Empirical Examination of Class Counsel’s Fees in Ontario Class Actions
Benjamin Alarie and Peter Flynn

“Paradise Lost”?: Rethinking Quebec’s Reputation as a Haven for Class Actions
Eleni Yiannakis and Noah Boudreau

Putting a Price on Legal Services: Determining Reasonable Class Counsel Fees in the Settlement Context
Jean Lortie, Lisa Chamandy, and Shaun Finn

Postscript to “Employment Class Actions: Is the Work Culture of Banks under Attack?” — Rosen Certification Confirmed by Divisional Court
Jennifer Pocock

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