Three Irwin Law Books Short-listed for Walter Owen Prize

Three Irwin Law books have been short-listed for the prestigious Walter Owen Book Prize, awarded every other year by the Foundation for Legal Research.

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility by Allan Hutchinson is published in the Essentials of Canadian Law Series. In a review of Hutchinson’s book in the University of Toronto Law Journal last year, Adam Dodek remarked that this book “represents the true breakthrough in the scholarship of legal ethics in Canada,” and he called the book “the first comprehensive critique of legal ethics in Canada.”

George Takach’s Computer Law, also published in the Essentials of Canadian Law Series, has received an exceptional reception in legal, academic, and business circles since its publication. Takach is one of Canada’s leading practitioners in the area of law and high technology. “This book is a gem,” wrote David Johnston, President of the University of Waterloo, in his 1999 review. “It will be read with profit by anyone, in any jurisdiction, who must deal with the information revolution and the necessary adjustments in private and public law.”

Getting Away with Murder: The Canadian Criminal Justice System by David Paciocco is the third Irwin Law book on the Walter Owen short list. Published in Irwin Law’s Law and Public Policy series, Getting Away with Murder, was the runner-up for last year’s Donner Prize as the best new book in Canadian public policy. The Ottawa Citizen called it “consistently challenging and absorbing.”

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