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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory - Abridged

Commentary and Materials


This Abridged edition of Blackshield and Williams provides students with a concise and compact version of Australia’s leading constitutional law text. It has been customised to reflect the content of constitutional law subjects taught over one semester and reproduces only the essential chapters and materials from the thoroughly revised, updated and restructured fifth edition.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Foundations
Chapter 3 Path to Independence
Chapter 5 The Federal System (parts of)
Chapter 6 The Engineers’ Case
Chapter 7 Constitutional Interpretation (parts of)
Chapter 8 Inconsistency
Chapter 9 Federal Parliament (parts of)
Chapter 10 State Constitutions
Chapter 11 The Executive
Chapter 13 The Separation of Judicial Power
Chapter 14 Judicial and Non-Judicial DetentionChapter 15 The Judicial Process (parts of)
Chapter 16 Characterisation
Chapter 17 Economics Powers
Chapter 18 Defence Power (parts of)
Chapter 19 International Law and the External Affairs Power (parts of)
Chapter 23 Taxation and Excise
Chapter 24 Appropriation and Grants
Chapter 25 Intergovernmental Immunities
Chapter 26 Civil and Political Freedoms (parts of)
Chapter 27 Economic Freedoms (parts of)
Chapter 28 Freedom of Political Communication
Chapter 30 Constitutional Change

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