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Changing Australia

Social, cultural and economic trends


The Australia of today is a very different country to that of fifty years ago. This book shows how different.

From a firm base of statistics, it documents the major social, cultural and economic trends since World War II. Burrowing into the everyday world of who Australians are and how they live, the authors pick out significant, sometimes dramatic, change. Trends show up clearly, often widely acknowledged, occasionally surprising, but always providing pointers and raising questions as to the directions of the country’s development in the future.

A fascinating account written in a clear and lively style.

Table of Contents


From Baby Boomers to Generation X – Changing Australia

Part 1 The Australian People

Population/ Immigration/ Births/ Families/ Marriages/ Divorces/ Youth/ Family Violence

Part 2 Government and the Social System

Social Welfare Expenditure/ Health/ Education/ Housing/ Social Security/ Defence

Part 3 The Economy

National Production/ Trade/ Agriculture and Land Use/ Transport/ Tourism/ Taxation/ Income, Wealth and Poverty/ Wealth and Poverty/ Savings and Debt/ Employment

Part 4 Community and Culture

Community Associations/ Religion/ Trade Unions/ Popular Culture/ Crime

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