The Civil Courtroom

Professionalism to Build Rapport


Demonstrating professionalism is one of the most important courtroom skills for civil litigators. A collateral benefit of this skill is learning to establish rapport with the people in the courtroom, including decision makers, opposing counsel, clients, and witnesses. This book will help lawyers recognize and evaluate their courtroom skills, and develop the techniques to improve these skills. Professionalism—both how lawyers act and how they relate to others—should be the ultimate goal of this development.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Thomas a Cromwell
Preface: The Civil Courtroom: Use of This Handbook
Introduction: As a Lawyer, You Are Not the Centre of the World
Chapter 1: What Impact Do You Make?
Chapter 2: Judges
Chapter 3: When Technicalities Matter
Chapter 4: Witnesses
Chapter 5: Preparation for Trial
Chapter 6: Opposing Counsel
Chapter 7: Conclusion

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