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Civil Remedies

Issues and developments


Published with the Centre for Commercial and Resources Law QUT.

Topical issues and important developments in the law of civil remedies are covered in this volume. The book provides useful guidance on selected topics concerning monetary remedies and coercive remedies.

Although principally concerned with developments in Australian law, the authors draw on other common law jurisdictions, most notably Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Mr Justice Ipp

Money Remedies

Restitutionary Damage - Michael Tilbury
Damages for Loss of a Commercial Opportunity - Robyn Carroll
Capital Gains Tax Implications of Compensation Payments - Glen Barton
Principles of Equitable Compensation - Wayne S Martin
The Remedy for Estoppel: Identifying and Preventing Detriment - Andrew Beech

Coercive Remedies

The Remedy of Injunction in Exclusive Employment and Commercial Arrangements - Gary Davis
Mareva Injunctions: Canadian and Australian Comparisons - Jeff Berryman
The Interlocutory Injunction - Mr Justice Owen

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

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