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Commonwealth Criminal Law


This wide-ranging and timely text covers significant areas of Commonwealth criminal law, including corporate crime, social security and tax fraud, drug importation, money laundering, and offences involving the internet and terrorism. It also deals with the special Commonwealth sentencing provisions provided for by the Crimes Act 1914 and analyses how criminal liability for such offences must be proved under the Criminal Code. The work is designed for practitioners and students alike.

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Hon Justice Geoffrey Bellew
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. An Overview of Commonwealth Criminal Law
2. General Principles of Criminal Responsibility
3. Offences Against the Commonwealth
4. Offences under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
5. Money Laundering and the Proceeds of Crime
6. Counter-terrorism
7. Serious Drug Offences
8. Child Exploitation
9. Sentencing, Imprisonment and Release
10. Extradition

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