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Crime Prevention in Australia

Issues in policy and research


The strengths of this book, in addition to the broad and varied expertise of the contributors, are:

  • the way in which it brings together theory, research and policy
  • its presentation of the issues in the context of local and ’relevant’ Australian developments while grounding the discussion in international trends and background.

Table of Contents

Crime Prevention: Policy Dilemmas: A Personal Account
Adam Sutton

Crime Prevention and Public Housing: The Dynamics of Control
Stephen James

Crime Prevention and Police
Rick Sarre

Women and Crime Prevention
Sandra Egger

Empowerment, Prevention and Privatisation: Issues in Aboriginal Crime Prevention
Kayleen M Hazlehurst

Crime Prevention and White-Collar Crime: Some Lessons for Regulatory Theory
Fiona Haines and Adam Sutton

The Business of Youth Crime Prevention
Rob White

A Community and Youth Development Approach to Youth Crime Prevention
Ken Polk

Policies, Politics, Practices: Crime Prevention in South Australia
Mike Presdee and Reece Walters

Preventing Alcohol-Related Injuries
Ross Homel

Law Enforcement and the Prevention of Drug-Related Harm
Mark Brown, Stephen James and Adam Sutton

The Politics of Crime Prevention
Pat O’Malley


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