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Current Trends in the Regulation of Same-Sex Relationships


This volume focuses on same-sex relationships and contains articles on:

  • the historical context of the same-sex marriage debate in Australia;
  • the approaches taken to achieve same-sex marriage internationallly in the past decade and the factors which have been influential;
  • the particular case of South Africa, which has legislated a right to same-sex marriage despite the country’s conservative and oppressive history;
  • the geographical spread of same-sex couples in Australia, including variations by gender and by dependent children;
  • lesbian and gay foster carers in Australia;
  • the best interest of children; and
  • the ‘pull and push’ effect in the relationshp between law and society in the achievement of law reform.

Current Trends in the Regulation of Same-Sex Relationships is a special issue (Volume 28 No 1) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

The Wind of Change is Blowing
Paula Gerber and Adiva Sifris

Lesbian Parenting in Australia: Demosprudence and Legal Change
Adiva Sifris

The Best Interests of Children in Same-Sex Families
Paula Gerber

The Geography of Same-Sex Families in Australia: Implications for Regulatory Regimes
Andrew Gorman-Murray and Chris Brennan-Horley

Pragmatic Imbalances: Australian Lesbian and Gay Foster Carers Negotiating the Current Legal Context
Damien W Riggs

The Social Construction of Marriage in Australia: Implications for Same-Sex Unions
Charlotte Frew

Same-Sex Marriage: A Worldwide Trend?
Jamie Gardiner

The Right to Same-Sex Marriage in South Africa
Jacqueline Heaton

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