The Federation Press

Economic Union in Federal Systems


A study of the constitutional and other arrangements federal systems make to secure economic advantage without sacrificing the benefits of federalism.

By reference to their own country, international authors consider a wide range of topics on which integration and a unitary system clash with diversity and federalism.

Table of Contents

Australian Economic Union
Cheryl Saunders

The Federalist Revolution And The Way To Peace
Daniel J Elazar

Economic Union and Federal Diversity: Should a Coca-Cola Bottle Carry 51 Health Warnings and, If So, in What Language?
John Kincaid

Mutual Recognition in Federal Type Systems
Giandomenico Majone

Economic Integration and Equality in Federations: The Case of Canada
Douglas M Brown and Peter M Leslie

Equity and Efficiency Aspects of Regional Redistribution Policies in Spain
Guillem Lopez-Casasnovas

Fiscal Federalism in Germany
Dieter Biehl

External Limits on State Taxation of Business Activities
Henry A Coleman

Between Economic Union and Political Union: European Monetary Union, Federalism and the ’Bundesbank Analogy’
Daniel Wincott

The Influence on Swiss Federalism of Potential Membership of the European Community
Nicolas Schmitt

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