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Enterprise Bargaining

Trade unions and the law


This book explores the changes in all jurisdictions in Australia to the primary industrial relations statutes which established work place negotiations as the dominant location of industrial relations practice. In addition, it seeks to assess their impact on trade unionism and the future of employment regulation.

The chapters include commentaries on the various systems of work place bargaining in Australia and critical assessments of the industrial and social impact of these new laws. Primary emphasis is given to federal law and the changes introduced by the Industrial Relations Reform Act 1993 (Cth) though contributors also refer to various aspects of State systems.

Table of Contents


Our changing labour law
Paul Ronfeldt and Ron McCallum

Bargaining in the federal system
Iain JK Ross

Trade unions under compulsory arbitration and enterprise bargaining: a historical perspective
Andrew Frazer

Bargaining in good faith
Richard Naughton

The changing role of the safety net: the Australian Industrial Relations Commission’s s 150A review
Therese Mac Dermott

Bargaining away the rights of the weak: non-union agreements in the federal jurisdiction
Laura Bennett

Enterprise Flexibility Agreements and threats to unions under the new federal Act
Kylie Nomchong and Jim Nolan

Union security and union recognition in Australia
Phillipa Weeks

A practitioner’s view: a brief commentary on working with the new system
Dr Graham F Smith

The accountability of management under enterprise bargaining law
Jennifer Hill

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
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