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Commercial and legal aspects


This book blends commercial and legal understandings of how Australian traders can use agents, distributors and other intermediaries to better effect in expanding their businesses offshore. It is a readable, practical account of how to select and manage agents and distributors more effectively, with commercial and legal advice on the use of export sales contracts in product-based international trade.

It covers knowledge-based trade and the use of technology transfer and licensing as international business development methods as well as joint ventures, strategic alliances and other market entry options for traders needing to develop partnerships offshore. Case studies, checklists, tables and other visual aids, as well as precedent agency and distribution contracts, provide further hands-on information for the reader.

The book merges the legal ramifications of the topics with their practical consequences, reflecting the authors' long experience in advising traders, one from a standpoint primarily legal and the other primarily commercial.

“Provides a wealth of practical legal and commercial information as well as case study examples to assist current and potential exporters. It will be a valuable addition to information that helps Australian companies that aim to successfully win business overseas.” from the Foreword by The Hon Tim Fischer, Minister of Trade and Deputy Prime Minister


“A well-conceived and executed work that synergises the two main elements of international commerce - the legal and the practical - sensitively, thoroughly and well.” - Australian Business Law Review, October 1998

“In the 26 years I spent as an Australian Trade Commissioner, I found the most common problem area for Australian firms was appointing and managing agents and distributors overseas. If only this excellent book had been available then ...” - Dr Richard Fletcher, Director of International Marketing Studies, University of Technology Sydney

“This book is an essential guide to international marketing strategy, and will help Australian businesses answer key questions related to their business development efforts. It should be kept within easy reach as it will certainly be referred to almost every day.” - Heinrich E Zimmermann, Executive Director, German-Australian Chamber of Industry & Commerce

Table of Contents

Foreword The Hon Tim Fischer
Building an Integrated Export Marketing Strategy
Agents in Some Key Export Markets
Direct sales; Export sales Contracts
Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances & Market Entry Options
Manufacture under Licence and Technology Transfer

Precedent Agency Contract
Precedent Distribution Contract
How to Build an Export Selling Price for Seafreight and Airfreight Shipments

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