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Homophobic Violence


This book originates from the Australian Institute of Criminology. The common thread running through it is not just the problem of violence, but the concept of homophobia - the disapproval of homosexual desire and an animosity to homosexual identities, politics and lifestyles.

There are chapters on the differential impact of harassment and violence on young people, on gay men and on lesbians; on police responses to this violence in South Australia and New South Wales; on the constructed deviant status of homosexual homicide victims; on criminology's description of lesbians and gay men as deviants marked out from heterosexuals; on HIV-related violence and its impact on victims; and a detailed analysis of the relevant law throughout Australia.

Table of Contents

Chris Puplick

Stephen Tomsen and Gail Mason

Don't Frighten the Horses!
A systematic perspective on violence against lesbians and gay men
Carole Ruthchild

Heterosexed Violence: Typicality and ambiguity
Gail Mason

Was Lombroso a Queer?
Criminology, criminal justice and the heterosexual imaginary
Stephen Tomsen

The Gay (?) Victim on Trial:
Discourses of sexual division in the courtroom
Allen George

The Messages of Subordination contained in Anti-discrimination Statutes
Anna Chapman

Violence and HIV/AIDS:
Exploring the link between homophobic violence and HIV/AIDS as a 'gay disease'
Rick Sarre and Stephen Tomsen

Violence against Homeless Young Lesbians
Jude Irwin, Mel Gregoric and Barbel Winter

Anti-lesbian/gay Violence in Schools
Jacqui Griffin

Putting Police on Notice: A South Australian case study
Barbara Baird

Hate Crimes against Gays and Lesbians: The New South Wales Police response
Sue Thomson


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