The Human Rights of Anti-Terrorism


The Human Rights of Anti-terrorism contains timely explorations of some of the most important issues facing the international community today. The book is a collection of papers by internationally- recognized scholars and thinkers from across Canada and around the world to a June 2006 colloquium on Human Rights and Anti-terrorism held in Ottawa. The colloquium grappled with the interrelationship between anti-terrorism, human rights, and international humanitarian law. The Ottawa Principles on Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights, which grew out of deliberations at the colloquium, are included here along with ten Chapters which not only supplement and explain the foundations of the Ottawa Principles, but also provide readers with substantive critiques of topics related to human rights and anti-terrorism more generally.

Table of Contents



1 Introduction
Nicole LaViolette & Craig Forcese

2 Ottawa Principles on Anti-terrorism and Human Rights/ Les Principes d’Ottawa relatifs à la lutte au terrorisme et aux droits de l’homme

3 Defining Terrorism: The Need for a Restrained Definition
Kent Roach

4 Defining Terrorism: Why and How
C.H. Powell

5 De-militarizing Counterterrorism: Anti-Terrorism, Human Rights, and the Use of Force
Craig Forcese

6 Guarding Individual Rights in Cases Involving National Security
Lorne Waldman

7 Consular and Diplomatic Protection in an Age of Terrorism: Filling the Gaps
Gar Pardy

8 Principled Secrets in an Age of Terror: International Obligations and the Canadian Experience with the Principle of Presumed
David M. Paciocco

9 Casting a Light into the Shadows: Why Security Intelligence Requires Democratic Control, Oversight, and Review
Andrea Wright

10 Beyond the Ottawa Principles: Social and Institutional Strategies and Counter-Terrorism
Victor V. Ramraj

11 Development Policy—The New Anti-Terrorism Policy?
Graham Mayeda

12 Civil Remedies for Terrorism and State Immunity
François Larocque

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List of Participants, The Human Rights of Anti-terrorism: A Colloquium, Ottawa, 14–16 June 2006


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