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Indigenous Australians and the Commonwealth Intervention


This volume focuses on the Indigenous Intervention and contains a multi-disciplinary collection of articles on:

  • the Intervention’s effects on child safety and wellbeing;
  • the seeming fact that enhanced prosecutions of Indigenous people post-Intervention are mainly for road traffic matters;
  • the likely impacts of compulsory income management of welfare recipients in the affected communities;
  • the impact of the 2010 amendments and whether the legislation and administration remain racially discriminatory;
  • the impact of increased policing before and under the Intervention;
  • the assimilative tendency of current outstations and homelands policies; and
  • the paradox which sees an ostensibly benevolent intervention deprive Indigenous Australians in affected communities of control of many aspects of their lives

Indigenous Australian and the Commonwealth Intervention is a special issue (Volume 27 No 2) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

Peter Billings

The Northern Territory Intervention – It’s Not Our Dream
Tom Calma

In the Best Interests of the Child? Determining the Effects of the Emergency Intervention on Child Safety and Wellbeing
Fiona Arney, Kate McGuinness and Gary Robinson

Redesigning the Northern Territory Emergency Response – Social Welfare Reform and Non-Discrimination
Peter Billings and Anthony E Cassimatis

Governing Crime in the Intervention
Thalia Anthony

Closing the Gap between Policy and ‘Law’ – Indigenous Homelands and a Working Future
Marcelle Burns

Giving Back the Space – Freedom, Meaning and the Northern Territory Intervention
Jonathan Crowe

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