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Interpreting Principles of Equity

The WA Lee Lectures 2000-2013


In 2000 QUT initiated an annual lecture in honour of Tony Lee, the great equity and trusts lecturer and author.

This volume contains the 14 WA Lee Equity Lectures given from 2000-13, with commentary and, where necessary, updating from Professor Malcolm Cope.

The lecturers include Justices Gummow, White, McPherson, Handley, Kirby, Keane, de Jersey, M McMurdo and Douglas; Professors Lee, Cope and Rickett; and Hubert Picarda QC.

The subject matter ranges across Equity from estoppel to charitable trusts, from equity’s reception into Australia to investment by trustees, from the conscience of equity to liens. The book includes the November 2013 lecture, Lessons from a “conversation” about restitution by Justice Susan Kiefel.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Hon Chief Justice Paul de Jersey AC
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

2000: Trustee Investing: Homes and Hedges
WA Lee

2001: The Preamble to the Statute of Charitable Uses 1601: Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland?
Hubert Picarda QC

2002: Equity – Too Successful?
The Hon Justice William Gummow AC

2003: Equity: A General Principle of Law Recognised By Civilised Nations?
The Hon Justice Margaret White AO

2004: How Equity Reached the Colonies
The Hon Justice BH McPherson CBE

2005: A Comparative Evaluation of Developments in Equitable Relief for Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Breach of Trust
Professor Malcolm Cope

2006: The Equitable Lien and Personal and Proprietary Claims Against Trustees in Breach
Professor Charles Rickett

2007: Unconscionability in Estoppel: Triable Issue or Foundational Principle?
The Hon Justice KR Handley AO

2008: Equity’s Australian Isolationism
The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

2009: The Conscience of Equity
The Hon Justice Patrick Keane

2010: Court Intrusion into Testamentary Disposition: A Beneficial Jurisdiction?
The Hon Chief Justice Paul de Jersey AC

2011: Faith, Hope and Charity: The Resilience of the Charitable Trust from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century
The Hon Justice Margaret McMurdo AC

2012: Trusts and their Equivalents in Civil Law Systems
The Hon Justice James Douglas

2013: Lessons from a ‘Conversation’ About Restitution
The Hon Justice Susan Kiefel AC

Tony Lee: An Appreciation
Professor Michael Bryan

Another Tribute to Tony Lee
The Hon Chief Justice Paul de Jersey AC

A Third Tribute to Tony Lee
Dr John de Groot


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