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Joint Ventures Law in Australia


Following upon the success of the 2nd edition published in 2005, this new edition not only updates its predecessor but also adds considerable new material in consequences of changes in the law generally and commercial approaches to financing joint ventures in particular. Of special note are the following

  • Financing of Joint Ventures has been completely re-written with considerable additions to take account of the new legislative regimes such as the Personal Property Securities, the impact of climate change legislation ,specifically carbon pricing with additional material on structuring generally and particularly in relation to large joint ventures with governments through Public Private Partnerships
  • A new Chapter called Resources Joint Ventures undertakes a thorough analysis of a typical resources joint venture and is heavily cross referenced into the chapter on Default which has also been updated
  • International Joint Ventures now includes additional material on structuring and dispute resolution
  • Joint Ventures and the Competition and Consumer Act has been substantially re-written to take account of 2009 legislative amendments on cartel conduct, and the impact of changes wrought by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

All other chapters and material has been updated to accommodate other legislative changes and new case law over the seven years since the last edition.


Review of the first edition

The book is well written, comprehensive, well structured and long overdue in Australia. For any practitioner or academic working in this area the text will be the first point to consider in researching any aspect of joint venture law - Lynden Griggs, Journal of Law and Information Science, Vol 5 No1, 1994

Table of Contents

The Nature of the Joint Venture
Neil Thompson

Fiduciary Obligations Between Parties to Unincorporated Joint Ventures
Tina Cockburn, Rhonda Chesmond and James Byrnes

Common Law Obligations of Good Faith in the Performance and Enforcement of Joint Ventures of a Non-Fiduciary Nature
Bill Dixon

Financing Joint Ventures
Alan Millhouse and Karla Fraser

Contracts: Choice of Law, Structuring and Dispute Resolution
Geoffrey Fisher and Simon Fisher

Default, Deadlock and Remedies
WD Duncan and Sharon Christensen

Resources Joint Ventures
John Hedge

Joint Ventures and the Competition and Consumer Act
Stephen Corones

Intellectual Property and Joint Ventures
Sheryl Jackson and Therese Catanzariti

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