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Land Contracts in Queensland


Land Contracts in Queensland provides a thorough, user-friendly account of the law relating to buying and selling freehold land in Queensland.

The authors analyse the substance of the transaction through the medium of the latest standard REIQ Residential, Commercial and Community Titles contracts, and draw on a comprehensive range of court decisions relating to the area. There are chapters covering contract formation including the role of the real estate agent, the disclosure regime for sellers and agents, subject matter, the inclusion of special conditions, risk, completion both through the paper based medium and electronic conveyancing and stamp duty and GST implications.


Reviews of previous editions:
The writing is clear and accessible but thoroughly supported by footnoted references. … This is a substantial text of 600 pages written for use by practitioners. It is not a practice manual or practice guide but rather the law a practitioner needs in practice. - Tim Tierney, Law Society of Tasmania, Law Letter, Summer 2011

This book has now become a Queensland legal classic. … An up to date edition of this text is an essential tool for those who have to deal with legal issues in real estate contracts on a daily basis in Queensland. - The Queensland Lawyer, April 2008

The seminal volume of this work, published in 1978, was The Standard Land Contract and Conveyancing Thereunder in Queensland by Duncan & Weld. I still have my copy. It is well thumbed – tattered really. Should you purchase a copy of Land Contracts in Queensland, it will quickly reach a similar condition. … There are now four separate standard contracts for houses and land, residential and commercial lots in a Community Title Scheme, and commercial sales. Needless to say the courts have had occasion to consider the area frequently since 1996. All of these changes and the relevant case law have been addressed. … The scholarly and lucid fashion in which the subject’s many issues are approached would see few practitioners requiring further research on a frequent basis. The book therefore fulfils its comprehensive purposes, taking the reader from the initial involvement in a conveyance by a real estate agent to the remedies, which are available upon breach of contract, and provides a valuable aid and first port of call for all who practise in the area. - The Queensland Lawyer, December 2004

Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

1.   Introduction
2.   The Real Estate Agent
3.   Seller Disclosure Before Contract
4.   Formation of Contract and Deposit
5.   Subject Matter of Sale
6.   Contract to Settlement
7.   Settlement
8.   Special Conditions
9.   Remedies
10. GST and Duties in Real Estate Transactions
11.  Options to Purchase


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