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Liberty and Liberalism


Liberty and Liberalism, first published in 1887, is the one major study of classical liberalism to be written in Australia. Bruce Smith wrote this erudite volume because he feared that liberalism was being perverted by the ‘new’ liberals who believed in expanding state activity. A businessman and politician with practical experience in the industrial sphere, Smith sought to defend individual freedom and the voluntary principle, and to limit the role of the state. In an age when the power of the state still threatens individual initiative, Smith’s ideas have relevance for all those who wish to keep a rein on the state and encourage individual liberty.

The republication after more than a century of this classic establishes a new occasional series of CIS Classics to be published by The Centre for Independent Studies.

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note
Author’s Note
Introduction to the New Editon by Gregory Melleuish

‘Liberalism’ and Other Current Political Party-titles - Their Uncertain Signification
Political Party-titles - A Short Account of their Origin and Meaning
Historic Liberalism
Modern Liberalism
The Principles of True Liberalism
Spurious Liberalism - Historic Instances
Some Infirmities of Democratic Government
Suprious Liberalism - Modern Instances
Practical Applicaton of the Principles of True Liberalism
Socialism and Communism

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