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Managing Workplace Conflict

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Australia


Managing Workplace Conflict critically analyses Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Australia. It is an ideal book for ADR and management consultants, legal practitioners, human resource managers and students of ADR.

It includes coverage of:

  • various ADR techniques and the roles played by ADR practitioners in workplace conflict;
  • the need for workplace grievance policies and the forms these can take;
  • the suitability of ADR for various types of disputes;
  • three case studies where ADR was utilised in workplace conflict and the experiences of both the human resource consultant and their clients
  • and takes account of the new procedures in the Work Choices Bill

Managing Workplace Conflict is written against the background of a rapidly changing Australian labour market. It argues that ADR in the Australian workplace needs to be conducted with an understanding of the changed industrial relations environment and the power differences between key workplace stakeholders, as well as a commitment to ethical practice and workplace justice. It presents the key concepts central to the practice of ADR in Australia and provides a practical, useable reference book for both the professional and the student.


[The] work of Dr Van Gramberg has the potential to be an extremely valuable text in the current complex workplace arena. ...
[F]or legal practitioners with little knowledge of, or experience in, [ADR] it does provide a helpful introduction to ADR and of the theoretical underpinnings of the various processes and models of ADR (in the workplace). In this regard it provides both a balanced and useful insight.
...[A] worthwhile investment for [such] practitioners ..., or for students with an interest in either ADR or in workplace relations law generally, [but less so for] those who already have a sound working knowledge of ADR and its application in the workplace. - Law Letter (Tas), Spring 2006

Table of Contents

Consulting in conflict: birth of a profession
Debates and controversies in workplace ADR
The processes and models of ADR
Designing fair dispute resolution procedures
Consulting in conflict
The dilemmas of consulting in conflict
Case studies in ADR
Implications of the growth of workplace ADR


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