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Mediation of Industrial Disputes


Mediation in the Australian industrial arena provides challenges different from those found in mediations elsewhere. They take place inside a detailed and particular legislative framework with a long historical tradition. They operate in a world where the focus has been on arbitration but there has always been provision for mediation.

The authors show how mediation can assist in the resolution of industrial disputes. This is a practical book in which the authors draw upon their own experience to demonstrate how mediators should set about their tasks, what they can achieve in the modern industrial world and what the implications are for the future.

Table of Contents

The origins of dispute settlement by conciliation
Conciliation versus arbitration
Enterprise agreements
Statutory provisions for industrial mediation
Mediation and conciliation compare
Elements of a mediation
Natural justice in a mediation
Mediation of particular industrial disputes
Mediation of employment and independent contracts
International comparisons


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